In How to be with God: a Primer on Christian Prayer, I include prayer hacks at the end of each section. We used this hack in the prayer meeting we just held at the Garden Path.

By all accounts, this style of prayer originated in the Korean Assembly of God churches, though it has now become widely practiced. In short, it involves large groups of people praying out loud simultaneously along a unified theme. Participants are encouraged to speak at a normal volume and not to worry about the other people around them—either about what their “neighbors” might be praying, or about their neighbors’ opinions of their own prayers. This instruction is given to assist participants in overcoming their natural reluctance to talk out of turn, but most would acknowledge that one significant benefit of Korean prayer is the awesome experience of hearing so many people praying together. The combined effect has sometimes been called a “prayer orchestra,” where each voice is an instrument played for God’s pleasure.

To begin, gather Christians together and have a leader give the instructions above. Then, the leader should supply a topic for prayer with one or two key points to consider. For example, the leader might suggest that we pray for the wellbeing of our city, and that might include racial reconciliation, cessation of violence, and greater investment by fathers in the lives of their children.

Once the topic has been supplied, prayer can begin. It will likely begin with timidity, though confidence will increase. After a few minutes, or whatever length of time feels appropriate, the leader can supply a new topic.

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