We give the world access to hope against death. Our faces have become Christ’s face, showing sympathy and tenderness to the world. Our lips have become his lips, speaking words of hope and encouragement. Our ears have become his ears, sensitive to every cry. Our hands act with his impulse; our feet march upon his mission to heal the world. Our minds and hearts and spirits belong to Christ, for he lives in us and he has conquered every death. And we are not just “out there” combatting the sting of death in the world—we are carriers of Christ’s vaccine against the sting of death ourselves. Christ lives in us.

So when you feel like dying, find Christ instead. Let him win once more; he’s defeated death, and Christ is in you, defeating death again and again and again. There’s Christ in you, stomping through the weeds of depression, loneliness, anxiety, heartbreak, exhaustion, mowing down the opposition, setting fire to evil, reminding the enemy that even death can die.

Adapted from Why God Died.