A.K.A. a repeated attempt not to quit my job and become a truck driver
I  want to make visual resources people can employ to become better pastors. I also want them to feel as though they own these resources, not like they are borrowing David’s stuff. But cataloging these resources is tricky, especially when they’re visual. 
Mike Cole suggested I’m thinking about this project in the wrong way. He suggested I create a series of web offerings, since it’s easy to use multiple tags for projects online. Mike suggested I think of 3 simple categories. I was afraid that might over-simplify the components and thus render the model ineffective for quickly finding relevant information. But Mike reminded me I can use tags for as many subcategories as I need. He’s right. I’ve been thinking like a Gutenberg-er. I have over-complexified the model and under-appreciated the sorting capabilities of the web.