It must be said that there are time when we actually win—when our desires match up with God’s desires, and we get what we want and so does he. Sometimes Christian victory and worldly victory are indistinguishable from the outside, and we get a brief respite from the persistent struggles of life.

What then?

What are we supposed to do when we win?


Celebrate! Give thanks—to God, and to others. But don’t be fooled into thinking everything will be okay afterwards, that you won’t have to fight for something else.
Because—remember—the victory you’ve just experienced isn’t ultimate victory. It’s only a momentary victory in the present.

So enjoy it. But don’t let it go to your head. Let it, instead, take root in your spirit and become a marker in your spiritual journey—a piton—a position of contentment and godliness from which you never slide back.