Revelation 5.8-14

What else can we do?

In the midst of Revelation chapters’ 4&5 dizzying heavenly diptych, we find ourselves caught up in an intergalactic Woodstock—a worship festival for the Lamb.

These three songs tell the whole story of the gospel. In the first song, the creatures and the elders sing about all that Christ has achieved through his sacrificial death on the cross. The means? His blood. The effect? A people, purchased for God. The scope? Every tribe, tongue, nation. The purpose? To make us a kingdom of priests.

In the second song, the myriad of angels sing about everything Christ deserves—wealth, power, wisdom, understanding, honor, glory, blessing. Everything comes from him and proceeds back to him, the author and finisher of our faith.

The final song is sung by every created being, both earthly and otherwise. It is a song about identity, clearly demarcating the fact that the One who sits on the throne & the Lamb are both due the same praise and honor. The Father and the Son are One.

What are we to make of all this worship? Of the elders falling down with their harps and their bowls of incense? Of the four living creatures shouting ‘Amen’ in the middle of the cosmic cacophony?

How about making sure we worship the right person?

We ought to worship the Lamb that was Slain.

How about making sure we worship him for the right reasons?

Because we sacrificed himself for us, he purchased us, and he made us into a holy people.

Because he is co-equal with the One who sits on the throne, because he is the firstborn over creation, and he deserves every good thing in spades.

How about making sure we worship him in the right ways?

On our faces, laying down our crowns, setting aside our harps and bowls, calling in concert with every created thing.

He made us kings, but he is the King of Kings. He made us priests, but he is our High Priest. He gave us victory, but he is Christus Victor.

What else can we do but worship?