I’ve been working on a scifi-western novel in my off-hours since 2013. It’s been a long process, complete with many setbacks, disappointments, and failures. The book isn’t ready yet, but I received some great notes from an editor recently. Her critique wasn’t my first, but it was my first outside encouragement. I’m sharing these comments because I’m thankful my efforts have begun to pay off, that I haven’t given up, and that I have the support from Carmel to continue the grind.
Here are the highlights:
“A completely unique, enthralling and heart-wrenching novel…an astounding depth of world-building and mythology to rival the works of Stephen King or Neil Gaiman…this is truly a one-of-a-kind manuscript – the sort of story a reader gets rarely and always hopes for.”
“The stellar opening line puts the story directly on a clear track with such success that it’s hard to think of another story that accomplishes the same so succinctly and in a way that’s as exciting and gripping.”
“The writing style was a real strength of this piece. The voice feels fresh and perfectly tuned to the tone of the story…the characters are stunning…the dialogue shines.”
Of course, you must take a reviewer’s words with a grain of salt. But this wasn’t my first rodeo, and I think her critiques were insightful and have given me a clear path forward for my next round of revisions.
When will it be ready? When it’s perfect. Maybe never. But for now I’m happy to take my own advice and continue doing the things the Lord has put in me to do. Which requires I take a step back and rethink some elements of the story.
Still. I’m encouraged and reinvigorated. Wish me luck!