Last year’s success associated with The UnDwellable City has led us to move forward with a new storytelling project. More details will be released soon through our Westwinds’ community, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peak (logo & synopsis).


Three men have the power to save the world or pull the pin on a planetary grenade.
Three timelines pit the supernatural against the technological, the past against the future, and blind faith against critical engagement.
Their contest centers on a man with no name who wakes in a hospital without his memories. He is sickened by the hypocrisy of our shallow, bigoted, and falsely sweet earth and begins a crusade to return the world to its senses. But some prefer the fraud, and this charming revolutionary hero must expose the forces of falsehood in order for humanity to be liberated from ignorance.
One wants to remake the world, one wants to heal it, and one wants to set it free. What will happen when everything must change or else everything will be destroyed?  

 More to come soon!