I attended my first SoulCycle class last year after my barista told me it was like “an orgasm, followed by the deepest religious experience of your life … like you’d been to confession and then gone straight to heaven.”

I was not disappointed. The class runs much like a routine spin class at any YMCA, but the instructor conducted himself like Tony Robbins—his cheerful, inspiring mantra of meme-like encouragement never faltered. He guided us through both our athletic and social challenges, reminding us constantly that the activity we had chosen to perform was making us stronger every second. It was empowering, revelatory, and kind—like the best altar call from the most loving evangelist you’d ever run a marathon to meet.

The church of the future will take this level of care with each participant, offering more opportunities for her people to grow together through shared experiences. She will authenticate their struggles and validate their efforts, reminding them over and over and over that they are in the process of becoming the best possible version of themselves for the glory of God.

Adapted from Then. Now. Next.: A Biblical vision of the church, the kingdom, and the future.