God is calling us all to fight reality. Why? Because “reality” is not the whole story. If you only look with your eyes, you won’t see any of the deeper things beneath the surface. You won’t see people’s dreams, you won’t see their hope, you won’t see any promise, you won’t see aspiration or ambition, and you won’t see gladness or joy. All you’ll see is the way things are.

And things stink the way they are. They ought to be different.

So we’re called to fight reality with promise — to give people an alternative way of understanding how great God designed the world to become. To welcome the Kingdom of Heaven to this Earth, starting right here, starting with me, starting with us. We fight by being a people of holy provocation – writing our own stories and singing our own songs that refuse to let evil triumph. We must become a people of holy disturbance. When we get too comfortable we become afraid of anyone disrupting that comfort, and so we allow ourselves to be lulled into uselessness.