The work in which we now engage has a holy longing at the center. We yearn for the future. We anticipate the creative work we will soon enjoy with God.

We are born with a raging creative energy inside us and we must harness it appropriately. From the moment we are born we are demanding and self-centered, coming into the world crying and furious. We do not wake up to life in peace – we wake up mad. As we get older much of the madness is socialized out of us. We learn not to cry or pout; we learn to dissociate our desires from the selfish need to have everything be about us; but we often naively assume that the energy with which we are born no longer poses any real threat to our lives.

Yet if we fail to harness that energy, thinking that it’s somehow become domesticated, we run the risk of being either totally depressed or completely narcissistic.

We must find a way to channel our passions so they don’t get the better of us.