There are several harsh descriptions of judgment in The Revelation. We must rightly wonder how a “good” God can justify such seemingly wanton destruction.  Several initial points must here be made:

Firstly, divine judgment is not an end in itself. It is God’s PLAN B when humanity persists in destructive behaviors. Judgment then becomes a necessary means to the fulfillment of God’s plan to heal the world and create space for all people to flourish in harmony with Creation.

Secondly, the language and images of judgment symbolize the universality and finality of God’s ultimate eradication of evil, rather than the means by which God brings about that eradication.

Finally, it is worth noting that God will not judge evil men until they are fully and thoroughly deserving of it.

This diagram examines the “qualifiers” of God’s judgment throughout The Revelation in more detail. It serves as an apologetic for God’s decision to judge evil.

Diagram taken from the book, The Crux of Revelation.