The Church Survival Guide was written to help you enjoy your life as a follower of Christ without wishing you were his only disciple. The book is full of tweet-sized tips like these covering every aspect of living with a church. Here are nine tips to help you find a church.

1. At some point, we will all have to pick a church, either because we’ve moved or because we’ve grown disillusioned with our prior community.
2. There’s nothing wrong with changing churches, but don’t do it frequently. Find a church and stay there for at least a decade.
3. There are no perfect churches once we start attending.
4. The fastest way to research a church’s biblical and theological foundations while gaining a feel for ethos is through their website.
5. Attend a new church six weeks before making a decision about whether you should stay. This will normalize your experiences.
6. The biggest question to ask when “church-shopping” is whether you can live with it when it sucks.
7. It’s not necessary to agree with everything a church says and does, but make sure you line up the big things and know what those are.
8. Ask practical questions: Do I connect with the teaching? The music? Do I want to dress up? How big do I want it to be? Do our kids like it?
9. In the end, choose a church and invest in God’s Kingdom. Serve without complaint. Love without reservation.

Adapted from The Church Survival Guide, now available on Amazon.