One of my favorite new things at The Winds blends well the motif of praying and playing at the same time. Part- entertainment and part-therapy, our video confession booth was modeled after the digital photo booths now common at wedding receptions, and it allows  participants to send their confessions directly to our staff and elders.

Welcome to our confessional! Sit down. Take a load off. Get something off your chest. Spew. Tell us all your problems. Gush. Vent. And then email your tales of dastardly woe to our pastors & elders (or just like, you know, your mom). REMEMBER: Anything you say can and will be used against you on the Internet (as if you didn’t know). But trust us, the squad is going to love seeing you on screen during church. So #shareyoursins and #keepitreal at our #confessional


– Posted instructions to the Westwinds Virtual Confession Booth

It’s this kind of juxtaposition between heartfelt testimony and punky-gifs that not only defines today’s pop culture but will also form the future of the church. Church ought to facilitate both the camaraderie and the community of genuine love and friendship, during worship and beyond it.