In that day I will restore the fallen house of David.
I will repair its damaged walls.
From the ruins I will rebuild it
and restore its former glory.
And your land will possess what is left of Edom
and all the nations I have called to be mine.

The time will come
when the grain and grapes will grow faster
than they can be harvested.
Then the terraced vineyards on the hills of your land
will drip with sweet wine!
I will bring my exiled people of your land
back from distant lands,
and they will rebuild their ruined cities
and live in them again.
They will plant vineyards and gardens;
they will eat their crops and drink their wine.
I will firmly plant them there
in their own land.
They will never again be uprooted
from the land I have given them.

Amos 9.11-15