I love the story of All Saints Day, a day the seventh century church set aside for remembering early Christians who died for their beliefs. By the year 900 the date was combined with the pagan rituals to be celebrated November 1. Another name for All Saints Day was All Hallows. October 31 was known as All Hallows Eve which was shortened to Halloween.


By overlapping this practice of honoring and thanking God for the example of faithful believers with the Samhain festival, the church attempted to counteract heathen thought and influence. This was especially true in areas of Europe where Samhain was popular. The Church not only sought to give Christians an alternative, spiritually edifying holiday; but also to proclaim the supremacy of the gospel over pagan superstition.


No matter what you choose to do on October 31st, I don’t think there could be a more important message to convey to those around you than that: the gospel has power, and light always penetrates the darkness.