Though I’m reluctant to categorize, it is fair to say there are two broad kinds of spiritual people: actives and contemplatives. Most people think the contemplatives are the spiritual ones (they like silence and solitude and vigils and saints). But being spiritual is an abstract concept. The Bible speaks far more about being healthy than it does about being transcendent, so our goal ought to be purity rather than profundity.

A perfectly healthy bear will never be tender like a perfectly healthy kitten. God made you to be perfectly you. So don’t stress about being spiritual. Be you, purified—the best possible version of you for the glory of God. If you’re contemplative, be purely contemplative. But if you’re active, be perfectly active. Roam. Romp. Bellow. Rant. Roar.

God wants lions as much as lambs.

Adapted from How To Be With God: a Primer on Christian Prayer