When we do the things God wants us to do and live the way God designed us to live, not only do we give God glory, but that glory spills over onto us. There is a residual benefit for obedience, stewardship, and creativity. We experience abundance and prosperity as life’s conditions, relationships, and holism are improved.

In Hebrew the word that describes this good life is shalom, defined as “peace and undifferentiated wholeness.” But the word can also be translated “blessing.” Blessing is something we receive from God and cannot create for ourselves.

There’s another word that bears some examination here. The word is telos. Telos is glory. It can be conceptualized in two ways. One way is filling a coffee cup all the way to the brim so it spills over. The other involves raising up a bull from infancy to adulthood so it’s mature enough to be a sacrifice.

The goal of the Christian life is to be filled to overflowing with the glory of God, which only comes when we achieve enough maturity to offer our lives as living sacrifices.

So, how do we give God glory? Through the infilling of the Spirit, through maturation, and through sacrifice.

Fill up your life so you can give it away.

Adapted from Dying For A Fix