We’ve been writing teaching atlases at Westwinds for 10 or 12 years. Our first teaching atlases were made on our church photocopier. They were sermon manuscripts that we printed on our photocopier, then took to a place in town that bound them.

In the rise of self-publishing we started doing cheap paperbacks. Now, with the magic of Amazon and the on-demand printing service, we get books like the Adventure of Happiness and prayer book we just released, which we’re really proud of.

One of our former staff members, Jay Cordova, has gone on to become the communications director for the Free Methodist Church. He asked me to if I would help their pastors start doing what we’ve been doing at Westwinds. So we publish four times a year the Freemo journal. We have ten published so far, and in each one I work with a Free Methodist pastor and help them do what we do. They get distributed all over the world and are used as Bible study or small group materials.