Nowhere are societies’ idols (selfishness, preference, flaunted limitation) more confronted by Christian life than with sex. Sex can never be casual. It is either sacramental or destructive. It’s good, but it can cause deep and lasting damage.

I once attended a seminar with one of the writers for 30 Rock. He spoke about his frustration with the writing staff’s inability to believably portray Christians on screen. “Christians have pre-marital sex,” he said, “but the difference is that they feel bad about it. That doesn’t play well with audiences.”

We do feel bad about it, and we should. Healthy sexuality is the most powerful vehicle leading to healthy self-esteem; unhealthy sexuality, however, cultivates selfishness and unhappiness. I don’t want more people to feel bad about the sex they’re having; I want more people to feel the freedom and the pleasure God intended when we give ourselves wholly to one another.

To some that might sound restrictive, but you and I both know the best part about sparring with the same partner for decades is the harmony, pleasure, and complexity of the world’s best kung fu.

Adapted from the Garden-City Epistles, Page 215-216