The New Heavens and the New Earth might be best understood as a kind of collision between our two worlds. There will come a time when Heaven and Earth interpenetrate one another, when Earth is given a transfusion of sorts, and everything crooked in this place will be made straight because of that one.

“There must be a new earth. This earth, raped, robbed, torn, filled with anger and revenge, with hurt and pain, cannot and should not remain. It has to go. This earth had been the dwelling place of the beast, the false prophet of the beast who came out of the sea. It was the throne of Babylon, the great harlot. This earth had given refuge to the murderers of the saints of God but became, by the same token, the arena of the suffering and death of God’s children. It was never “home” for them.”

Allan Boesak, Comfort and Protest

God’s new world will be the reality toward which all the beauty and power in the present world are mere signposts. It will be a new kind of world with a new kind of physicality, which will not be subject to the apparently endless sequence of deaths and births.

Adapted from Why God Died