Christ will come to judge the world. Now, this idea of a coming judgment might sound harsh at first, but consider throughout the scriptures that judgment is a good thing. Judgment only comes as God’s response to the prayers of suffering people.

Divine judgment is not an end unto itself. It is God’s Plan B when humanity persists in evil. It then becomes a necessary means to the fulfillment of God’s plan to heal the nations and create a space for all people to flourish. And we would do well to remember that judgment is not God’s final act, but his second-to-last action, since the End is a new beginning. God removes the stain of evil completely, thus making the way clear for New Creation.

Christ will make all things new, such that paradise lost will be regained. Creation will be, once again, as God intended, as will God’s people. Christ will set all that’s wrong back to rights, and restore the Peace of God to every corner of the Earth and in every human heart.

Adapted from Why God Died