Last week I was invited to bless the home of my dear friends, Kevin and Katie Lavery. I spent some time thinking and praying through an appropriate blessing, and have posted it here so you can enjoy.

If I am to bless your house, what better vision is there to inspire happiness than the House of the Lord?

In Revelation 21, we read about the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven like a bride adorned for her husband. This is God’s eternal home, where he makes his dwelling among his people. 

It has gates of precious stone that never close.

It has boulevards that mirror forth the glory of God in gold

There is singing and feasting there, fixing and making, dancing and all manner of recreation, work, and play.

This is the house of the Lord, where Kings of Earth pay homage to the King of All.

I pray your house will be like his, and so I bless it, and all who remain within.

May this be a peaceful dwelling, an honored home, an undisturbed place of rest

where every mouth is filled with laughter, and every tongue with songs of joy

where drinks are poured beside the fire and meat is roasted over the flame

where sons dream and daughters prophesy

where strangers feel welcomed and old men gather their wits for eternity

May your home settle in the shadow of the Almighty for now, he lives with you. 

Soon, you will live with him.