If we want to be our authentic selves, we need to focus on the people God is calling us to become. This is what Tom Wright refers to as “eschatological authenticity,” or Voltaire called “the best possible version of ourselves.” Because the underlying truth of our identity is that we are still becoming, and the posture with which we continuously engage this development will determine the shape of our relationships, our intellect, and our vocation.

This kind of development requires that we think less about our qualifications and more about our character. Are you, for example, helpful? Energetic? Curious? These are essential character traits among any who have ambition for advancement. A willing and passionate life-long learner is an asset to everyone, whereas an educated know-it-all is perhaps the least desirable coworker imaginable.

Adapted from the upcoming book Then. Now. Next, about the future of the Church. When published, the book will be available at David’s Amazon author page.