He is the Savior, coming to set us free from spiritual bondage like Moses liberated the Israelites from physical bondage. The Israelites were enslaved to the Egyptians, and their only hope was for a deliverer to come and free them to live a better life. When Moses came along, he fulfilled the prophecies the Israelites had been hearing their whole lives, but only in part. The people were physically free but still in bondage to sin, death, and decay. With Jesus’ life and sacrificial death, we are able to be wholly free to live the kind of life God has promised.

He is the one about whom Isaiah prophesied, a “suffering servant”; he does not come to save us from suffering (not immediately), but through suffering. The Jews believed that when the prophesied Messiah came, he would save everyone from suffering, immediately and forever. The truth is that Jesus saves us through suffering. This is made evident in Jesus’ own death—he was not spared from suffering, but his suffering ultimately conquered death. He does not promise to remove all suffering from our lives, but he does promise to be present through it.