Anytime a church loses a pastor, there is the potential to lose ground in the areas of their expertise.

But these transitions also present opportunities for the church to pull together, continuing the mission of Jesus.

Four groups of people are especially “ripe” during these transitions.

  1. Those with latent ability who have never served but have high capacity. These are the people we know have great skill, but have never served in church.
  2. People who could be great. These are the people in whom we see the potential to develop into more than they already are.
  3. Those who are currently in the minor leagues. Maybe there is a volunteer who has the capability to step into a leadership role.
  4. Veterans of the church. These are the ones who have been around for years, but have faded into the background. They need to be reactivated.

Regardless, everyone needs to hear this message during transition:

Your church needs you to lead. Your city needs you to care. Your king summons you to serve. Don’t focus on the person you’ve lost. Focus on the person God is calling you to become.