God knows how to live because he invented life. God wants what he wants because it’s best—for us, for others, for the world. Though it may not feel best now, it will ultimately be proven best. You might think about it this way: What God wants from us results in what he wants for us.
What does God want from us? Obedience. What does God want for us? Life. Happiness. Peace. Love. Relationship. Fulfillment. Meaning. Satisfaction. Laughter.
There is a word that sums up everything God wants for his people. That word is blessing.
What God wants from us (obedience) results in what he wants for us (blessing).
Concerning marriage, God wants (fidelity, honesty, self-sacrifice, responsibility, love, passion, romance) which results in (longevity, intimacy, knowledge, unity, family, security). Concerning children, God wants (instruction, admonition, encouragement, care) which results in (closeness, admiration, responsiveness, friendship, love). Concerning business, God wants (skill, management, integrity) which results in (good reputation, increased revenue, skilled employees).
When I’m obedient, the natural result is blessing. Sometimes, of course, other things get in the way of that blessing. Someone else’s disobedience, for example, can compromise the natural result of my obedience. The thief prevents the honest, hardworking, responsible man from enjoying his fortune. We cannot totally escape these extenuating circumstances, not in this life.
But don’t let that overshadow the basic biblical truth that, by and large, when we live life the way God intends, we get to enjoy the life God intended.