We are  electrically  charged with sex. Physically, emotionally, intellectually,  aesthetically, relationally,  socially, and  visually. Sex is part  of who we are.
And  sex  is spiritual.  In fact,  the  very  things  that  make   us spiritual   make   us  sexual.   We  are  a  consummation of  the spiritual  and  the  physical,  and  never do  we feel both more acutely than in our sexuality. Sex unites us in ways that  either heal  us or do  us great damage, depending on  whether this sex is sacred or depraved.
Our  world  it feels like there is a great polarization among the  sexes about the  sexes. People seem to fall into one  of two camps: either they  ignore sexual distinctiveness, or they prey upon it. Those that  pretend it really doesn’t matter deny something deep about who we are  and  how we are called to live in this world. They make us all into something more Puritanical, something inherently less  interesting, less passionate, and  less  sexual than we really are.  They neuter us. Conversely,   those that seduce, lure, exploit, and  entrap, perform the opposite crime. They reduce us to animals, making  us slaves  of our  basest desires with  no  call for  spirit,  will, or intellect. They dehumanize us,  subverting  our   true   selves   and   making   us  into   little figurines   that   can  hang   around their   bed like mobiles  of sexual conquest.
These  are the extremes of sexual identity in our world today: either Puritan or Predator. Yet neither of these options exists for anyone who wants to remain truly human. We are neither robots nor beasts, neither angels nor animals. We are people who  must reconcile ourselves to the  fact that  sex  is part  of who we are.
And sex is good.
Excerpt from Eat Your Heart Out