Leaders and creatives both miss the point when they try to develop their “leadership” and “creativity.” There is something deeper than management or artistry, something more primal than strategies or wordsmithing.

Consider that there has never been a more revolutionary leader, nor a more provocative artist, than Jesus Christ. With twelve miscreants and fifty-odd stories, Christ reshaped morality, ethics, and relationships for all time. Yet no honest disciple ever studies “the leadership secrets of Jesus Christ” without some embarrassment, nor mines the scriptures for the “inspiration behind Jesus’ greatest tales.” Why? Because Jesus is more than the sum of his skill set. And so are we.

The church of the future will realize that the most beautiful things are often deeply hidden. She will invest in her people, watching their diamonds glow, knowing the light of our lives isn’t really ours at all. It’s his; or, more accurately, it’s him.

Adapted from the upcoming book Then. Now. Next, about the future of the Church. When published, the book will be available at David’s Amazon author page.