I’ve always wanted to teach on the Revelation, but been scared. Not scare that I didn’t know enough, but scared that I wouldn’t be competent enough to teach the book and avoid making crazy people crazier. But since NT Wright published his “Revelation for Everyone” commentary, I feel like I’ve got a fail-safe. That little book is the single-best resource on the Revelation I’ve ever come across.

And I’ve come across a lot.

I’ve read over 100 scholarly commentaries, easily 6+ dozen scholarly works pertaining to the 7 churches and the Roman Imperial cult, and hundreds and hundreds of articles and papers on related topics. But–dollar for dollar–Tom Wright’s little gem is tough to beat.

So this Sunday I’ll start a 6-week series, giving an overview of the Revelation. And–perhaps more interestingly–this past weeks some friends and I began a special blog-project on Revelation at .¬†Each day for 46 days-in-a-row, we’re blogging our thoughts on 1 of the sections Tom Wright has written on in his “Revelation for Everyone.” We’re not trying to be scholarly, just to give our devotional thoughts on his academic ones. It’s been fun so far, and I think has the potential to be fantastically rewarding for anyone who makes this journey with us.

So feel free to use it as your daily devotional resource, over your morning coffee.

This may be your one chance to un-crazy the book of Revelation, to get your Bible back from 65 to 66 books, and to take all the fear out of the end of the world.