God wants to give us the desires of our hearts, but some of our hearts are so empty that God’s rewards feel insignificant, unclear, and unsatisfying.

Your life now is the result of your past dreams. Old dreams birth present circumstances. Don’t like your life? Look to your dreams.

When there’s little in your heart, there’s little that will bring you joy. Growth and increase flow out of you. You have to develop your godly desires, cultivate your noble ambitions. If you desire to be a skater, soaking up the applause of the crowd, you may miss out on the great jewel God has placed in front of you.

The people who discourage your risks will often champion your results. When you might fail, they’ll rush to disparage your efforts so they can be the ones who “told you so.” When you succeed, their jeers will reverse. They’ll love you and want to pretend they never had anything other than your best interests at heart.