I was digging through my audio archives and found this juicy gem last weekend. I burst out laughing when I heard it. Despite forgetting that I had made this recording, I did not stray from my stated ambition. I wanted to help people reclaim The Revelation from all the crazy weirdos. To do that, I thought someone should write a commentary that helped people understand what significance Revelation actually has in everyday life. Problem is, most people are so contaminated by premillenial dispensationalism (read “Left Behind” nonsense) that they can’t even imagine Revelation is a book for Christians in the present. So, before I could help people make sense of it devotionally, I realize someone also had to re-imagine the symbols of the book.


Four years later I published The Revelation of June Paul–my re-imaging of apocalyptic literature–and The Crux of Revelation–my devotional text on the Christology in the last book of our Bibles.


This audio recording was my first tickle-of-thought concerning both areas.