What is the Trinity, and Why Does it Matter?


I have a suspicion that Christians don’t really care about understanding the Trinity. We tend to think of it as this fantastically complex issue that holds no real world significance. It’s like Jesus calculus.


But our carelessness hurts us.


What you believe matters. The Bible is full of some truths that aren’t very popular. When we begin picking and choosing what we like about scripture, however, we are on a slippery slope. It’s all or nothing—we don’t get to pick and choose. One of the biblical truths it is important for us to understand is that there is one God eternally existent in three persons. The Bible is packed with passages that talk about God being one.


Our finite minds and languages can’t ever fully articulate it, but the truth is that we serve one triune God.


It is possible to be a Christian and not fully understand the Trinity—we don’t have to have everything wrapped up nicely, and we would never be able to even if we tried. But part of being a Christian is constantly pursuing and seeking to understand more, especially so we can answer the fundamental question, “Who is my God?”