Julie Little is my editor. She’s done contract work for Westwinds for the last couple of years, editing several atlases for myself, Ben, and Jvo. She’s very skilled and a pleasure to work with.

Julie’s first love is fiction; so, when I decided to write The Undwellable City she was the logical person to call and ask for help. And she has been fantastically helpful. She sees holes in the plot, inconsistencies in the characters, and makes useful suggestions about conflict, tension, and pacing.
Plus she fixes all my spelling mistakes 🙂
At the end of editing part four Julie wrote me the following note. I don’t normally like to post stuff like this, but I was genuinely touched by her kind words. I’m reprinting them here so I never lose them:
And the thriller continues! You are going to have people beating down your door to get to Part 5. Way to go; this is awesome stuff! I loved reading this. A true page-turner. You seem to know just where to twist the plot and leave the readers hanging, and you also draw on some very thought-provoking themes without beating us over the head with them. This character is so realistic, flawed, and human. I’m amazed at the world you have created and its spiritual parallels. You have a knack for novels, I think; maybe this is a new genre for you!


Pretty cool, huh?

Julie – whatever we’re paying you, it’s not enough