A quest to help aspiring leaders become effective faster
Pastors often employ business or athletic models for ministerial leadership. Both require heavy adaptation, and neither is terribly functional, so I’m searching for an alternative.
Church leaders often request help doing holistic, innovative ministry like Westwinds, so I’ve begun searching for a suitable model to teach the varied components:
    •       Liturgics—why we do the things we do.
    •       Staffing—why we hire the people we hire.
    •       Budgets—how we use the resources we have.
    •       Relationships—How we work with our people.   
    •       Mission—Staying focused on the right things.
    •       Spiritual Formation—Teaching and growing.
    •       Pastoral Interiority—What goes on in our hearts and minds.
    •       Prophetic Artistry—cultural provocation and critique.
    •       Post-Christian Orthodoxy—How we follow the Bible’s teachings when it doesn’t         feel like anyone around us cares.

I don’t want to over-simplify, but I do want to categorize the material so it’s easily readable and usable. Thus far, I have compiled nearly 700 diagrams & illustrations. I’m going to employ the visual model of an orrery—a 3D model of the solar system—and see how far  that gets me.