In The Adventure of Happiness I included a hack at the end of each subsection. Here are three hacks relating from the chapter on Mouth, which examines positivity and gratefulness.

* Give 3 extra smiles a day. That’s right—don’t just smile three times, but find three additional times to smile even if it feels like you’re just making excuses to do so.

*For the next three days, try posting “10 Great Things That Happened to Me Today” on Facebook. Take time and think it through. Tag the people involved. Add a picture.

*Spend two minutes and thoughtfully write a note, text, email, or letter to a person thanking and praising them for their presence in your life. Though small, this considerate act has been proven to make both the recipient and the sender happier, resulting in a higher positive affect and general good cheer. Do this every day for the next week

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