is having a logo design contest, and we are calling all designers, artists, and fans of cool things, to submit your entries.


A “fossores” is a species of sand wasp, and was used in reference to clergymen during the Roman persecution of the church much like we might crudely refer to someone as a cockroach.

Because Christianity was illegal, pastors often took inconspicuous day jobs. Many became gravediggers. By day, fossorians would do backbreaking labor for low pay. But at night, they would use the newly excavated gravesites as houses for worship, smuggling in their brothers and sisters for church in the catacombs.

After the services ended, the fossorians would stay up and pray, decorating the tombs with symbols and scriptures, prayers and pleas. Then they would sleep in the presence of sacralized death, dreaming of God’s plans to heal the world. They practiced the undifferentiated wholeness between their art, their work, and their faith.


  • All submissions must be black and white and must be submitted as a 4×4 inch 300dpi JPG. Any fonts used must be embedded. The winner will also be required to submit a high resolution 12×12 PSD.
  • By entering the contest, you agree to give all permissions to to use and/or alter your design anywhere in print, web, and merchandise.
  • All contest entries will be posted on our Facebook page, and winners will be determined by a panel of judges.

**Note: Facebook is neither affiliated with or responsible for contest entries, results, or adjudication.

  • Two runners-up will receive recognition on and on our Facebook page.
  • The winning logo designer will receive $100 cash plus a one-of-a-kind, fantastical chess set ($450 value; photos below).  The winner will also receive one of anything we make using the winning logo.
  • E-mail submissions to
  • The contest begins today (November 19) and ends at 11:59pm December 18.
    So turn on your creative side, have fun, and fill our inbox with your entries!

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