You don’t find friends; you make friends.
When I moved away from my childhood home, I had to re-learn friendship—something I had previously taken for granted—and begin investing in others because it’s impossible to be happy alone.
You need to laugh and horse around; to play; to feel safe, knowing that there is somewhere at least where you will not be judged for achieving less than perfection. This chamber of the heart is filled with laughter and music, mischief and ribaldry. It is the most fun part of who we are, smashed together with the most fun parts of those whom we hold most dear. I had to figure out how to make friends all over again, but I also had to diversify my friendship portfolio. That’s a term I just made up and will probably never use again (hint: neither should you if, you know, you actually want to have friends in real life), but I think it paints the right picture. I’ve got ping pong friends and CrossFit friends, meat locker friends and obstacle course friends, golf friends and diving friends, boating friends and movie friends. I’ve been playing Pokémon Go with humans for a decade, and it’s made me happier to try and catch them all.