We should be constantly working in cooperation with the Holy Spirit to ensure the light of Christ is on display. We need to be in:God:ed: Full of God, full of God’s mission to heal the world, to save it, to restore it to its original, Edenic paradise, and to see ourselves restored to full humanity in the process.

The good news is that the more we shadow God, the closer we get to God, the more in:God:ed we become, the more we recognize our own transformation from the fixer-upper version of who we used to be into people who accept challenges, deal openly with others, fight with integrity when conflict is required, and work tirelessly to heal the world.

The more comprehensively the light of Christ grows within us the more active we’ll become as his shadows working to find out what he wants to have happen in our church, in our relationships, in our soul, and in the world at large.

If we are committed to working alongside God in the redemption of this world, then we must ask God to fill our minds and our spirits with big dreams for a better world.