We all know why we’re gathered here today

It’s because of what God has done

And continues to do

By sending his own child into the world

A treasured ambassador

Heir to all of heaven’s glory, power, honor, and riches

The very temple of the Spirit

Equipped with supernatural gifts and abilities

The very image of God

You think I’m talking about Jesus. I’m talking about you.

These things, of course, are true concerning Jesus of Nazareth

But they are also true of every believer as you embrace your identity in Christ

Because the scripture says you’re a saint

No longer stuck in sin, but liberated, ennobled and empowered by the Spirit

You’re a friend of Christ, a citizen of heaven, an heir to the kingdom

God’s workmanship, a masterpiece

Chosen, handpicked,

Called, appointed, anointed to cooperate with God in the redemption of the world

And you have to decide today whether you will step forward,

And live up to your new creation

Or whether you will give yourself permission to recede in the old nature

You worry about your sin

Cuz it’s not long since you sinned last

But you’ve been forgiven, redeemed, and reconciled

You repent; you confess; and now it’s time for you to move past your shame

Past your guilt and humiliation

Cuz today is your ordination

Today is the moment you receive your license to minister

You’re kings. You’re priests.

And I want you to say

Yes Lord, I’m willing to do whatever it takes, whatever you want, for as long as I live

Comfort. Encourage. Bless. Heal.