There needs to be a way to get good pastors out of a bad system. Great men and women are deteriorating in their faith, their craft, and in their families because of outdated denominational systems.


It’s sad—these people are kept in useless churches absent freedom, and under constant threat of discipline, humiliation, and poverty.

The longer they stay in systems where they have to mind the polity and keep the peace, the longer they perpetuate the slow suicide of the mainline church in America (Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ). They’re killing themselves with ministry.


Our church—and other nondenominational churches like Westwinds—needs healthy voices from the rich heritage of Western Christianity. But with the rigidity and obstinance of denominations that exist more for their retirement plan than their mission, we’re not likely to benefit from anything valuable they might contribute.


We need a rescue plan—money, opportunity, strategy—to get these people out before they burn out.