Even during the resurrection Jesus didn’t stop being human. He was resurrected into new, human life. Even when he ascended into Heaven he was still a human being. And when he entered Heaven and assumed his rightful place on the throne of God, he did so as a human being.

Jesus is not stripped of his humanity, but adorned with it.

And the reason that is so important is because he intends to take us withs him. We with God is the opposite of God with us.

To put it more succinctly: if Christ didn’t retain his humanity, the resurrection undid the incarnation.

If he didn’t fully come down as a man, then we’re not fully saved. But if he rose again as something more than a man, we’re not fully saved either. But since Christ became what we are, he can also take us with him back into the place we used to be denied.

Adapted from Why God Died