1. Our true humanity is god-ly. We discover who we are meant to become by learning more about who God is.
2. The seed of God grows in us, and we grow into God. We must learn to nurture God inside us.
3. Christian spirituality is about transformation. We are not human beings, but human becomings.
4. Christ requires our commitment to ongoing, incremental change every day of our lives.
5. God wants to do more in us and with us than for us and to us.
6. Even the best and brightest of us are only shadows of something better and brighter.
7. We must invite the Spirit to re:form us into the people he originally designed.
8. We are uncovering our new humanity, peeling away the skin of our old lives.
9. We can’t change ourselves. The Holy Spirit is the transforming agent. We must react to God.
10. We’ve got to teach ourselves the subtleties of the Spirit, the nuance and stencil of God’s movement just behind everything we see.
11. Our most debilitating tendency is not pride, but sloth—our unwillingness to become all God
12. We must be like water, moving with the Spirit around life’s obstacles.