In 2017, every day from Memorial Day to Independence Day, I prayed for a specific veteran or active duty serviceman while performing the “Murph.” Named in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy (KIA in Afghanistan; his story is told in “Lone Survivor”), the Murph is a crossfit workout that consists of a 1mile run, 100pullups, 200pushups, 300squats, and another 1mile run (while wearing a 20lb tactical vest). I pray while running and conclude by reciting Psalm 91.
In total, I performed the Murph 38 times…and it was brutal. Here’s what I learned:

1. There are some thing more important than weight loss, sex-appeal, and six pack abs.
2. You’re much stronger than you know. You’ll think you’re at the end of your strength long before you ever have to stop.
3. There will be people who scoff, dissuade, and misunderstand. Ignore them.
4. Some people know more than you, and you should listen to them…I did not listen to Patricia Korican about stretching and mobility; nor Brandon Klose about nutrition; nor Mark Jones about rest. As a result I was nauseous, bloated, and grumpy for 38 days.
5. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. You know this, but you have no idea how true it is.
6. Your strongest muscle is your heart.
7. The only reward for making yourself perform difficult tasks is the reward that truly matters: knowing you can do it.
8. Everyone wants to quit, even the people who inspire us to keep going.
9. We are surrounded by heroes and we are very, very grateful for them.
10. Ordinary people can make an extraordinary impact.